LeriQ Has Been Responsible for The Root Morphing of The ‘African Giant’ Burna Boy

LeriQ Has Been Responsible for The Root Morphing of Burna Boy
LeriQ Has Been Responsible for The Root Morphing of Burna Boy

LeriQ, call the paramedics, is a very notable Grammy Award-winning Nigerian record producer and songwriter.

30, born Eric Isaac Utere, has been responsible for the very first underground transformation of the African Giant; your most beloved son, Burna Boy, who has brought home the 63rd Grammys plaque from America on 14th March 2021 in Los Angeles Convention center.
“Twice As Tall”, is his fifth studio album responsible for his beaming victory, and in between, LeriQ was in motion creating the magic to outlive his own existence. Call the paramedics, spearheaded Burna Boy’s victory dated from obscure moments to this very point of his great career elevation and international recognition.

LeriQ is the record producer you should run to, “call the paramedics”, as you have decided to trace Burna’s roots; born in the southern part of Nigeria, in Port-Harcourt city, where he started making music from.
Eric Isaac was responsible, for his most record production from his obscure beginnings; root them from deep down you would ascertain strong strides which you might have lacked and really don’t deserve to miss sequentially. “Like To Party”, is Burna’s debut single that turned into a national appeal, it was Leriq’s handwork amongst others including his debut album, “L.I.F.E” in 2013.

“Redemption”, Burna’s 2016 extended play was also his beaming creative mishap. LeriQ was fully responsible, and he has been crafting the man you entirely love this very moment; the morphed African giant.
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He has been present since his days at Aristocrat records until now, he curated most of Burna’s records and they’ve literally stood the test of time: “Yawa Dey”, “Wombolombo”, “Tonight” and more, have stood even strong enough.

Burna could un-scroll his creative orthodox and it would outlive his own existence. “Way Too Big”, “No Fit Vex”, have been part of LeriQ’s grand creations that defines nothing less than epic.

He spearheaded a sequel catalogue of his records from his first grade, eventually, down to his 2021 Grammy Award-winning “Twice As Tall” LP.
LeriQ, has created crescent records even at his own pace, but he has always been closer to the African Giant, he understands his direction beamed at fulfilling one purpose of living an impact.
Meanwhile, they’ve been OGs and have strike-d on a row of songs together. Well, it’s been very sequential from day one to this point which means they’ve worked to fulfill the sole purpose of leaving an impact for eternity through his definite debut studio album, (L.I.F.E). Burna Boy has broken the record and crossed the thin line of victory and he is now few steps ahead of his contemporaries.
Exact on the same reasons, LeriQ, has curated to date what would squarely outlive their both existence. He is still living to create many ripples, and no one should ever forget who he has been from the beginning; he has been responsible for quite some numbers of reasons that you’ve anchored belief on the greatness of Damini Ogulu and as well history should never forget the kingmaker he has been. He is the one truly responsible for the African Giant.


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