Computer Hardware Technology Skills You Should Learn In Nigeria


Having a Computer technology skill today is one big opportunity in Nigeria. You don’t want to miss, above all when you’re involved within the hardware technology aspect. This write up talks about some list of important and lucrative skill that might be of importance to you now & within the future to return . what is HARDWARE SKILL? This simply allow you to physically use, operate & manipulate a computer. One example of a Hardware skills are often as simple as knowing the way to turn devices on and off, fix a problem, make thing work physically.

Most people today believes that they need to travel to high school and attain a computing or Computer Engineering degree before getting a tech job within the Market, you’ll be asking “How true is that?”, the straightforward answer is fake .

People learn talent from different places, be it In your native market, Shop or faculty, It doesn’t extremely matter.

What matters is, having enough data to be qualified for any technical school job.

There are courses on online school like UDEMY that would bring that dream skill to your house without stress, All you need to do is pay a little fee and start your course.

Below are list of Top Hardware Technology Skill To Learn in Nigeria.


Networking is just the communication between two or more devices. Learning the way to install routers, switches, and other internet required device is an incredible skill as a hardware engineer.
In Lagos alone, there are over 30,000 commercial companies and offices, and every one mostly depends heavily upon reliable internet.

There are situations whereby anything could fail and they would definitely need an expert who would fix the difficulty . the matter might be from a private or from a specific computer itself, therefore needing your immediate attention.


Computer repairing is just the procedure of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a Computer thats has problem.
Knowing the way to professionally fix a computer could take some couple year, but trust me – it’s worth it. There are many place where you can find out how to fix & repair a computer.

A suggested place like Computer Village has been one huge place where tech gurus today were born.

Computrer repair simply include (Fixing Hardware parts, Loading Operating Systems, Changing Computer componentents etc).


Every time company or individual buy a computer, they could most times have external computer devices that need to connect to a computer independently. Some samples of those computer devices include printers, scanners, and external hard drives. Things got easier as each computer device manufacturer supplies these drivers either through a , Flash Drives, CD(that accompanies the pc device) or through a free online download.
Knowing the way to install drivers and computer external components is one big real distribute there that cause you to urge job anywhere, be it a personal job or company contract.


Someone who simply takes a faulty Computer system and bring it back to life is qualified to have a Hardware skill, someone who repairs and fixes problem in a Computer ststem is claimed to have a Computer system Ideals, a person who makes a computer more efficient is qualified to have a Computer skill.
Choose a good skill today & start learning.


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